Forensick Music

• Labels which are releasing our stuff

Forensick Music (European Label)
• Crash Music (US/Canada label)


• Bands

• Brodequin
• Deepred
• Desecrated Dreams
Devoured Decapitation
• Disgust
• Gorerotted
• Holocausto Canibal
• Incantation
• Insision

• Inhumate
• Kuru
• Lividity
• Napalm Death
• Nasum
• Nemesis
Mass Infection
• Mockery
• Orkrist
• Punishment
• Soils of Fate
• Sordid
• Throneaeon

• Labels and organisations

•Adipocere records
•Amputated Vein
•Brutal Bands
•Grom Records
Guttural Zine
•Lost Disciple
•Metal Provider
•Moral Insanity

Burning Misery
Millenium Records
•Relapse records
Soulgrinding festival
•Still Online
•Vortex Motions records

• Magazines

•Brutality is Supreme
•Chaotic Critiques
•Collateral Damage
•Eternal Frost
•Metal Fanatix
•Metal Judgement
•Sounds of Death
•Tartarean Desire
•Violent Solutions

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